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A single act of carelessness leads to the eternal loss of beauty.

September 13th, 2010

September 13th, 2010
12:53 pm


St Giles Fair
DSC_3431Last Monday and Tuesday saw the St Giles' fair come to Oxford. This happens right on our work doorstep, so things get kind of noisy for two days. Apart from this, however, it is both the bringer of Autumn to Oxford, and a fantastic subject for photography. This year I decided to forego digital and took my Bronica medium-format film camera (pictured). This was my first play with film in 5 years and probably only my second in around 9 years. I was using a 12-exposure roll of film, and the first thing I'd forgotten is how important it is to get each shot right before you press the button. No deleting, no reviewing. Second point to remember is that you've no idea if you caught the moment (people walking past, etc) until you get the developed film back a week later. Third point is that I had to get to grips with metering. Fortunately I'd been lent a nifty little light meter that clipped onto the camera's hotshoe.
Despite all this, I managed to take what is probably one of my favourite photos (right).


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